LB loadbalancing

1. Model ( inline - peer to peer ) 2. Algo : round robin, Leased connection, Least Respond 3. Healthcheck: Ping, Service, Content 4. Keep session ------------- Solutions: LVS, keepalive, HA proxy

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Logical Volume Linux Command

Storage extend 35 umount /data01 36 lvextend -L 1.5G /dev/datavg/lv01 37 e2fsck -f /dev/datavg/lv01 39 resize2fs /dev/datavg/lv01 1500M 40 mount /dev/datavg/lv01 /data01 Change Storage: 73 pvdisplay /dev/md0 74 pvcreate...

Forth of July: Pantone Colour (Solid Coated)

Forth of July: Pantone Colour (Solid Coated)

7626C 533C 229C 7597C 2188C 628C Convert Pantone color to RGB colours

Asin grabber

Easy tool to grab product image from any ASIN: ASIN Grabber

Camtasia 8.6

Camtasia's video editor makes it easy to create amazing videos without being an expert. Download link: Camtasia version 8

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